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The Term Paper Challenge

College and university instructors seem to think term papers are an absolute necessity for their class, often announcing the requirement in their course syllabus. Ostensibly, term papers are thought to give insight into the mind of the student, offering a measurement of the developing academic skill of the student. In preparing an upper-level term paper, the student must pass through an obstacle course of actions, from topic selection (provided the instructor does not dictate it) to the final draft turned in for grading.

The only real advantage students have is, since most term papers are announced in the course syllabus, the ample time for completion of the paper. Many times, however, this advantage is lost either through procrastination or through the excessive quantity of other writing assignments given throughout the school term.

The actual writing process can be described in six simple steps:

  • Choose your paper’s topic – the instructor assigning a topic or defining a set of topics from which the student may choose often already does this step for you. It is important for the student to show caution in their selection, ensuring the topic chosen is not more than he or she can handle.
  • Find your source documentation – Depending on your paper’s needs, you should avoid any sources more than twenty years old unless you are using them for historical context.
  • Gather your information – Once the source documents have been identified, collecting the information from them is necessary. It is recommended that you utilize software such as a mind mapping program to assist. Such programs can help gather the data and document the source, speeding the next two steps significantly.
  • Outline the paper – most term papers will seem to dictate their organization or even to organize themselves in the mind mapping program as the data is gathered.
  • Writing the rough draft – once the organization of the paper is determined you should begin writing the rough draft. Pay attention to your presentation and wording, adding citations as appropriate to avoid accusations of plagiarism.
  • Editing the draft and final preparation – it is often advisable to have another party review your draft and critique it. During the critique, notes should be made for the improvement of the paper. Rewrite the affected sections and repeat the process until you are content with it.
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