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Term papers are a major project that professors usually assign at the end of the semester. They make up a large percentage of students’ total grades, which is why they cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Whether you do not have time to work on your assignment or you are not sure where to start with the writing process, stop worrying and get term paper help from GenuineWriting’s term paper service. 

How Can You Help Me with My Term Paper?

When we talk about term paper writing help, we mean all types of assistance you need to produce a term paper on time. We have a team of professional writers always ready to take on any work for students who need a custom term paper . Our services include topic selection, writing the essay, citing the appropriate sources and formatting them, and editing and proofreading. Some students have asked us to write their essays completely from scratch, others have given us drafts to improve upon, while a few have also asked us to edit and proofread the draft that they have written. There is really no limit as to the kind of term paper assistance you can ask of us—we are always willing to help. 

  • Topic selection — our writers are updated on the latest discourses in their respective fields and are, thus, capable of helping you select the best topic for your assignment.
  • Research — you will need to cite credible and timely sources. Our writers can help you scour publications for sources that will support your thesis.
  • Writing — our writers can help you express your ideas and thoughts in eloquent sentences and paragraphs. The writing process involves not only writing, but also building a strong argument and citing sources according to a citation style.
  • Editing and proofreading — our writers always edit and proofread their work before submitting it to you. This is part of the process at GenuineWriting. However, if you have written a draft that you want to be polished by a professional, we can also help you edit and proofread.

When you buy term papers from GenuineWriting, you are paying for a service dedicated to enabling you to produce the best possible essay. We collaborate with our clients and are willing to help you with whatever step you need assistance. 

Find the Best Topic with Our Help

Term paper instructions vary from professor to professor. Some assign very specific prompts, some give a few topics for students to choose from, while others let their students decide on a topic. If your professor did not assign a topic, you are left with the responsibility of choosing a topic that is both interesting and relevant. If you are stumped in the topic selection process, here are a few suggestions from us:


  • Bodily autonomy and public health responsibility
  • Public versus private hospitals
  • Impact of technology and quality of patient care services
  • Healthcare issues in third world countries
  • Staffing shortage in hospitals

Environmental Science

  • Paper versus plastic packaging
  • Impact of veganism on the environment
  • Environmental impact of the fashion industry
  • The economic impact of climate change
  • Food security in developing countries

Sociology and Anthropology

  • Evolution of youth culture
  • Challenges in non-traditional families
  • Role of social media in social movements
  • Dangers of cultural appropriation
  • Agricultural practices of Native Americans

Media and Culture

  • Gender roles in the work of a film director
  • Impact of political correctness on media content
  • Rise of disinformation and fake news
  • Discourse analysis of memes
  • Influence of social media influencers on specific groups/demographics


  • Impact of neglect on child development
  • Effectiveness of therapies for treating addiction
  • Risks of Postpartum depression
  • The psychological impact of racism
  • Investigation of conspiracist thinking

Business and Management

  • Impact of mergers and acquisitions on employees
  • Emerging corporate social responsibility trends
  • The Starbucks Effect
  • Consumer behavior toward green products
  • Ethical issues in outsourcing practices

Political Science

  • Effectiveness of economic sanctions 
  • The role of soft power in counter-terrorism 
  • Major flaws in the US electoral college system
  • Impact of Trumpism on US politics
  • Legacy of the Arab Spring

Topic selection is one of the first and most crucial steps in writing an essay. For the most part, it is what sets the tone of your essay. A great topic will give you a wealth of areas to discuss and materials to cite, but a poor topic will leave you struggling. One of the benefits you get when you pay for term papers from us is having a professional writer help you in selecting the best topic for your essay. 

Get Help with Term Paper Organization from Professionals

Whenever a student asks us, “can you write my term paper?” it is often because they do not know where to start or how to structure their essay. Term papers are a rather ambiguous type of essay and could be an expository essay, argumentative essay, compare and contrast essay, and so on. More often than not, students have to figure it out on their own.

While all essays follow the standard introduction-main body-conclusion structure, ideas and paragraphs within each major section also need to be organized. A seasoned writer can offer students guidance on how to effectively structure their ideas. The writers at GenuineWriting have had years of experience writing various types of essays, which comes with heightened intuition in determining the best way to organize ideas for your topic and goal. We care about producing the best possible essay for you, which is what distinguishes our term papers for sale from others.

Advantages of Getting Term Paper Help from GenuineWriting

Genuine Writing is committed to giving students the best possible experience, not just the best essays. Here are the things you can expect when you buy term paper from GenuineWriting:


Plagiarism is a major issue today, and schools and universities have strict sanctions against those who commit plagiarism. Our professional term paper writers understand the gravity of the situation for students, so producing unique, well-researched essays is a priority. Expect nothing short of a high-quality essay made only for you when you order a term paper from us.

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Most students struggle with meeting deadlines. In times when it feels like there is not enough hours in a day to meet all your deadlines, you can rely on us to help you complete your project within the deadline. 

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You have found a website where you can buy high-quality but cheap term papers. Our services are priced fairly and all fees are detailed when you place your order. 


We understand that there is fear surrounding getting help writing a term paper, which is why we ensure that our clients’ personal information remains confidential. You do not need to worry about anyone else finding out about your transaction with us.

Free Revision

At GenuineWriting, we take measures to ensure that our writers meet the requirements of your assignment. However, if we fail to meet these requirements, you are free to ask for a revision. If the essay we provided failed to follow your instructions, revision is on us.

This final requirement is indeed not that it is easy to accomplish, but it is doable when you get the right term paper writing help. Acknowledging that you need assistance in writing is another step closer to your degree.