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The Case Study

Case studies are another form of academic assignment that students frequently encounter. Case studies take a past or present event or situation and analyze what has happened, what caused it, and what affects the event or situation has had. Students are frequently required to explain the event in one or more ways. If the causes of the incident are omitted, questions could be framed addressing the student’s opinions on possible causes. Questions could also be framed as understanding or predicting potential future effects.

Case studies are part education evaluation and part education expansion. Case studies require significant knowledge in the area being studied. Understanding the Enron case, for example, might require extensive knowledge of accounting and/or corporate management techniques. The answers to the questions reveal the level of academic knowledge the student has. The case study itself my contain overt and covert lessons in the field of study. The Enron case, for example, shows the importance of good corporate financial structuring, the importance of independent auditing, and the importance of record preservation in business environments.

If a student is asked to develop a case study, the assignment may be more difficult in that the student will have to analyze the event or circumstance and establish what factors may have been involved in bringing the subject to the state which allowed the event or circumstance to occur. It may also require him or her to analyze the effects of the event or circumstance and to make recommendations for addressing the issue or issues the event or circumstance raises.

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