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A case study is a data collection method more commonly utilized for research in social sciences but is also used for law, nursing, and other subject areas. The difficulty of writing such a project depends on the academic level you are in. The higher your grade level is, the more intricate your analysis should be. High school students may be required to write one as a stand-alone project. For college and postgraduate students, it can just be a part of bigger research. There are at least six different types of case studies. If that is too challenging for you, allow our professional case study writers to handle it for you.

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Hiring a study helper online does not have to be pricey. Being a student can be frustrating at times especially if you have to extend your studying time to cover all your assignments. Dealing with just one take-home schoolwork can be challenging if you do not have someone to help you. What more if you need to write an intricate paper such as a case report? 

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All case studies are meant to understand an event or phenomenon specific to one subject, but despite this, they are categorized into at least six types. These are:

  1. Collective — A collective case study is a collection of studies that are similar in nature. This is usually used to identify the common variables and determine the factor that leads to the same event in various subjects.
  2. Instrumental — This refers to utilizing a case analysis as a part of the research methodology. It becomes a data collection method to prove or disprove the researcher’s overall theory. This means that the idea is not just to scrutinize the subject per se but to understand its connection to the researcher’s external concept.
  3. Explanatory — As the name denotes, this type aims to simply explain the details of a case. Often this type elaborates on the causes or the effects of a phenomenon specific to the subject.
  4. Exploratory — Most of our clients need professional analysis writing help for this type. This is because exploratory cases are often under legal and nursing cases. Although they are meant to identify the details of an instance, there is no absolute result or conclusion expected to come out of it. Unlike the explanatory type, the exploratory study does not aim to explain a cause or an effect. It simply follows the subject, and the report becomes available data for later research.
  5. Intrinsic — An intrinsic case is an unusual occurrence of a certain phenomenon common to a group of subjects. For example, you have ten subjects  - nine of which have factors and results that fall similar to each other, while the one case, albeit meeting the same conditions, ends up with a different result.
  6. Multiple — This is the most time-consuming type because aside from data-gathering from various subjects, similar to writing a collective inquiry, you are also required to draw out the similarities and differences among each subject. Furthermore, you need to review existing theories to explain the result variations.

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