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Developing Great Web Content

Those in the know have long recognized that the Internet has tremendous potential for interactive content. Yet in the development of Internet content most developers are still cursed by traditional thinking. This has led to web pages that take up dozens of printed pages, usually with no or inadequate reference points to indicate what information is where on the page. This phenomenon, to a lesser degree, has even infected innovative sites such as Wikipedia, demonstrated by the growing push to consolidate subtopics into single, mega-page documents, making them slow-loading and cumbersome to read.

Building Dynamic Websites

There are many rules to developing good structure for your websites, but little guidance in the field of content development. Too often, content developers try to pack far too much on site pages with no guidance for readers to assist their understanding of the page contents.

Content is King

The number one piece of advice in building good websites is to focus on content. Do not rely simply upon your business offerings to lure traffic to your site. Give web surfers a reason to come to you for information first. Then, as you develop a relationship with them, you can better present your company’s products and services.

This focus is supplied in many ways, depending upon the type of site and nature of the business behind the site. Publishers, for example, may lure potential customers with free excerpts from books or free articles written by the authors of the books they offer. Garden supply companies may benefit from traffic drawn with articles on gardening techniques or data pages on the various species of plants usually used by gardeners for ornamentation. Content should also be broken into subtopics for ease of reading. Each page should be 300 to 1200 words and linked to context subtopic pages and related topic pages, allowing the reader to follow the information where and as they wish, permitting them to focus on the information they desire and at the level they require.

The Importance of Interactivity

The second piece of advice, though equally important, is to provide interactivity. This has many facets, ranging from discussion forums to “ask an expert” question submissions. Another aspect of this interactivity is permitting visitors the opportunity to actually purchase your product or service via the website. Believe it or not, many sites herald the benefits of their products ad nausea, and then forget to allow visitors the chance to order the product.

Professional Web Content

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