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Preparing an Effective Thesis

As I begin this article, I feel it necessary to point out something. Many people are confused by the terms “thesis” and “dissertation,” questioning whether there is a difference and if so, what the difference is?

Both terms are used to describe the doctoral document that is presented by students to show they are worthy of the title “Doctor.” Yet there is a subtle difference between the two, according to academic experts. Dissertations, according to the experts, are lengthy presentations of a hypothesis, supported by past empirical evidence and current, original experimentation. As such, dissertations are proofs of measurable, scientific positions and hypotheses. Theses, on the other hand, address less tangible issues, relying instead on logical and persuasive argument, opinion, and observational evidence in the presentation of their topic.

Beyond this basic difference, dissertations and theses are the same. They both follow the basic pattern of introduction, definition, context, support, argument, and conclusion. Some might consider a difference in writing style significant as well with theses requiring additional, logical thought in the presentation and interpretation of the supportive materials.

In either case, understanding the basic difference between a thesis and a dissertation will greatly alter the manner in which the writing assignment is approached.

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