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  • Instructions
    The paper will be written based on the information (guidelines, instructions, requirements, etc.) included in the order form at the time of order. All subsequent requests/instructions may be processed at the discretion of our writers and may be declined.
  • Deadline
    Our writer will do our best to meet the deadline specified in the order. Should your specific project require more time, the writer will be responsible for sending you a notification (message) ahead of time. If our writer is unable to meet your original deadline, you will need to contact our support team for a discount.
  • Delivery
    We have two different delivery methods. Our order form asks for 2 valid e-mail addresses; all subsequent notifications and your completed order files will be sent at those e-mail accounts. To protect you from e-mail failure, we offer a comprehensive on-line customer care facility that will allow you to download the paper once available for delivery.
  • Plagiarism
    We test all papers for plagiarism electronically. Should you be able to find at least 3 consecutive sentences copied verbatim from another source, you should contact our support team for immediate assistance. Our writing is guaranteed to pass any reasonable plagiarism test.
  • Revisions
    We guarantee that our writing will meet the guidelines submitted along with the order form at the time of order. Should the first draft you receive be inconsistent with the guidelines, we will be responsible to correct the paper free of charge. You can request a revision through your private account on-line. If you have reasons to believe that the current writer is not qualified to complete your project, you need to contact our customer care team to have a new writer assigned. The main condition is that you request a revision within 14 days of completion. We will not review any requests submitted after that period.
  • Refund
    The only reason for a complete refund is the excessive plagiarism in the writing (at least 3 sentences copied from another source, uncited). Should you have a problem with the content, we will correct the paper free of charge until you are happy with the result. We cannot issue a refund if the client is "unhappy" with the service.
  • Use Of Service
    You should not submit the project completed by our company to any academic institution for personal academic credit. Should you want to do that, we highly recommend that you rework the paper and fine-tune it to match your personal writing style, vocabulary, and level. We do not guarantee any letter grades and cannot guarantee any academic credit. It is our client's responsibility to review the completed paper and assess its value before using the information.

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