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Writing Technical Reports

Technical reports differ greatly from most other writing forms, save perhaps certain types of doctoral dissertation. They are found in academic and professional life in abundance, forming the core understanding of many topics.

The main difference between reports and most other writings is their presentation of facts and information in a dispassionate manner. Reports are not opinions, nor are they positions on an issue. Their purpose is to inform the reader of the facts surrounding a subject, issue, or event, giving the reader enough information to form his or her own opinion. As such, reports must be factually-based, more-so than most writing assignments.

Technical reports will also be written at higher levels using industry or discipline-specific concepts and phrases that might not be understood by outsiders. Technical writers seldom perform any original research or experimentation, relying primarily on the work of subject matter experts for their information and making most technical writing and reports secondary-source documents.

Naturally, with technical writing being a factual presentation of information, the writer must be careful not to allow personal prejudice or opinion to creep into his or her work. Beyond this, preparation for and of the technical report parallels other writing assignments.

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