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Mystical Statistical Coursework

Today, statistics are everywhere and are applied (many times inappropriately) to almost anything that happens in our society. From economic reports to environmental issues, statistics are used as supportive evidence in the analysis of a wide variety of topics. But what do the numbers mean and how are they compiled? This is the area of statistical collection and analysis.

Understanding Statistics

It is often said that statistics can “prove” or “support” almost any thought, idea or position. Not long ago, a research project was undertaken to show that significant discrimination was taking place in ex-offender employment.

During the course of the research project, it was found that ex-offenders and minority candidates were roughly equal in the handicap their conditions caused, resulting in minority leaders using the study as “proof” that unacceptable discrimination was rampant and that minorities were being treated no better than criminals, which completely missed the point of the original research.

This shows that even the best intended research can have its statistics twisted or used for purposes other than what was originally intended

Statistical Difficulties

Though it is rare to find anyone outside of mathematicians who truly understand statistics, once they are established almost anyone can write about what they feel the statistics mean. To truly make such an analysis effective takes a little more work.

Since statistics can be made to insinuate almost anything, talented writers are necessary to prepare effective explanations of the translation.

The Writing Makes the Difference

As writers who come from business and academic environments, our staff is fully aware of the dynamics and difficulties facing those attempting to communicate statistical information. With a combination of talent, experience and state of the art software, our writers routinely produce some of the highest quality documents available anywhere, online or off.

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