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Effective Spreadsheet Design

When preparing coursework, students will occasionally come across an assignment requiring a spreadsheet, particularly when dealing with statistical or financial data in business-oriented classes. Many students, however, have no idea that Excel can do more than just add numbers together. Excel allows significant customization of spreadsheets including sorting of data, graphic design of the table, table lookups, and much more. However, few students understand the techniques necessary to ease their use of Excel and make their spreadsheets look nice. Let us look at a few of these incredible abilities.

The use and design of spreadsheets has been made easier in more recent versions of Excel, which added multiple-sheet “workbooks” to the environment. Values that you might wish changeable but hidden from the spreadsheets when printed out can be store on another page in the workbook and referenced in the spreadsheet formulas from there. This allows you to change the value on the other workbook page, which will cause the report spreadsheet to update automatically, saving you significant time in reformulating every cell affected by the changing of one or more equation variables.

Excel also allows the embedding of charts and graphs into the workbook pages that are based upon data in the workbook. This allows you to build pages that not only list relevant values, but displays how they relate in a graphical manner. Excel also allows the insertion of graphics and pictures into the spreadsheet, allowing the student to illustrate the point of the information on the spreadsheet or to build pre-defined web pages (a possible use frequently overlooked, even by Excel professionals).

Another important feature of Excel is the ability to “padlock” a page or workbook, allowing others to view the document but denying them the ability to make changes to it in its entirety or, when appropriate, to allow limited editing of individual spaces within the spreadsheet.

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