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Sensational, Sizzling Speeches

Frequently, students and professionals find themselves called upon to make a speech or give an oral presentation before an audience of their peers. Speeches and presentations can be, shall we say … terrifying? No matter, they are challenges and like any challenge, they have more bark than bite. As with any assignment, speeches and presentations can be written quickly and effectively with careful planning and preparation.

The speech itself can be easily prepared. The initial process is the same as that required for the preparation of any written assignment: research and organization. The difference begins in that the presenter does not necessarily “complete” the assignment by preparing the collected and organized materials into a fully written report. Often times the information is left in outline or bullet-point format, acting as a cue-card collection or reminder notes sheet with the bulk of the information in the head of the presenter.

In other cases, the speech is written out verbatim. Speeches made by important business authorities or politicians will frequently be prepared word-for-word and incorporated into a teleprompter system, from which the individual will read directly during the course of his speech.

In either case, the primary enforcer of success is practice. The presenter should practice the speech many times before hand to establish familiarity with the speech and confidence in its delivery. Some presenters will even go as far as videotaping their presentation for them to examine afterwards to critique their delivery and make changes before the time to present it publicly.

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Our staff of writers has had many years experience preparing presentation and speech materials in a wide range of venues. Using state-of-the-art software and techniques, they are ready and able to deliver sound and effective speech and presentation materials that will go a long way in building your image, regardless of the speech or presentation being for a collegiate classroom or a Fortune 500 boardroom. Contact us today and see why we have one of the best reputations in the industry.

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