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An Introduction to Resumes

A major concern for students and professionals alike is presenting themselves as viable candidates when searching for employment. They scan newspaper and Internet listings, mouths watering over the many possible, well-paying positions found on HotJobs, Monster, CraigsList and dozens of other sources. Applying for local positions can be as easy as a visit to the company and filling out an application and for more remote opportunities sending the advertising company an email expressing interest. However, does this present the kind of professionalism that the job seeker would like?

This is where a professional-appearing resume comes into play. There are four general types of resumes. Most “professional” resume writers easily recognize the first three: functional, chronological, and combination resumes. Most, however, overlook a specialized type that is highly recommended for academic professionals and graduating students – the curriculum vitae.

Starting from what is considered the least recommended, we find the chronological resume.

Chronological resumes are affectionately referred to as “obituary” resumes meaning they list past employment as the focus of the resume, occasionally giving minor details regarding duties and seldom mentioning educational or volunteer service experiences. This type of resume is the least successful, unless your past employment has been with impressive companies in positions of prominence.

The functional resume seldom lists specific employment or education, but focuses instead on the abilities and demonstrable experiences of the candidate. With the functional resume, the candidate attempts to persuade the resume viewer that he or she has the skills and experience necessary for the job which they are applying for. There are many resume advisors who recommend this type of resume for job seekers whose work history may seem weak or unfocused, thus it is often erroneously used for students just graduating college.

Mixed resumes attempt to find a balance between chronological and functional resumes by detailing skills and experiences with a brief listing of past employment, education, and volunteer service near the end of the resume. This type of resume should be used only when your skills have been well developed and if your work history is somewhat established and stable.

The curriculum vitae is the most important for recent college graduates. It is very similar to the functional resume except that it makes volunteer work and educational achievement the focal point, mixing in descriptions of the skills acquired and highlighting any awards or official recognition of the student’s success. This type resume can also be prepared as a “mixed” resume for those who have successfully transitioned from the academic environment and into professional life.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Our writers are highly talented in the preparation of all resume styles. It is important to have a reliable contact number when ordering resume preparation as a vital component in the process is a writer-client interview. To prepare the best possible resume, our writer needs more than just a listing of your schools and past employment. Details regarding personality and communication abilities may become quickly apparent during the interview. Contact us today for more information on having your resume prepared by one of our talented, professional writers.

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