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A research paper comes in many forms - term paper, laboratory report, thesis, dissertations, and more. Simply put, a research paper is an essay with an elaborate discussion using published materials to support a researcher’s idea. Understanding that this project is not a summary of various reading materials is pivotal in research writing. Summarizing a source is just an annotation. 

At the same time, a research paper utilizes a number of sources to support or refute an entirely different idea. A research paper represents a student’s critical thinking level allowing the teachers to find out the student’s weakness and enhance it. Every student will need help in writing this output at some point. While some are lucky enough to have their parents or siblings to guide them with writing, others, unfortunately, don’t have that kind of support. Your professor can definitely extend help in research paper writing, however, your classmates need that assistance too. 

In this case, your teacher may advise you on what to do, but can’t actually focus on your work because there are at least 30 other students who also need help. This assignment is embedded in the long list of school requirements, and sometimes it will seem neverending. Stop this cycle now and check out our research papers for sale ! We offer research paper assistance at an affordable price. Allow us to make writing easier for you!

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Ever asked yourself “who will help me write my research paper”? Well, we will. GenuineWriting is a website that helps students of various academic levels with their course requirements be it a creative piece or an academic paper of any length. Getting a custom research paper from us means receiving coursework that is tailored to your instructions from quality down to your choice of vocabulary and even formatting. 

If you order your research paper from us, rest assured that our professional writers will review the details of your requirements, read through your class notes and materials, and provide an outline (if you don’t have one) for you to approve. Our online writing service also covers the littlest concerns such as if you need help in one, but only on some aspects like improving coherence and grammar-check. A genuine research paper helper should allow you to review the paper a couple of times and work with you until you get the exact output that you need. 

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Most students can handle this project well without any heavy consequences should they fail to present their own ideas. However, this is not the case for college and postgraduate students. Higher-level research papers are naturally prolific in universities. This is where you will encounter reviews of related literature, annotated bibliographies, thesis proposals, research methodology, and more. This type of writing should give you the idea to get a research paper help online that is trustworthy and of sophisticated quality. 

GenuineWriting caters to a number of writers who have acquired their own bachelor’s, master’s, and even doctorate degrees hence we can confidently say that no matter what your topic is, we can find the kind of research paper help that you need.

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If you need help writing your academic assignments, you are on the right website. We have hundreds of professional research report writers who can easily whip up a research paper done just for you. Reaching out to us will give you the following advantages:

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  • When you buy a research paper from us, you will be in full control of its content. Our writer will provide you with suggestions, but you are the one who will make the final decision. Your paper, your rules.

  • Instead of spending hours rummaging through what seems to be thousands of pages, you can channel your energy to other activities and get your other school requirements done.

Guarantees We Provide When You Get Research Paper Help

  • Originality. GenuineWriting swears to provide all clients with any coursework that is free of plagiarism. Our writers are bound by contract to pick out the best ones from a wide array of sources and cite all utilized materials according to your prescribed academic style. Furthermore, our in-house editors scan all drafts before it reaches the client to make sure that all final drafts are 100% original and made from scratch.

  • Confidentiality.  We value confidentiality and are strict when it comes to your personal information. Our operators will double-check if the documents you will send your writer do not contain your name or contact number, and remind you not to give any of your personal information so we can ensure professionalism. We are also cautious with clients providing writers their log-in details to online libraries to avoid any technical issue on your side.

  • Quality.  As mentioned, Genuinewriting has in-house editors who serve as another set of eyes to spot even the smallest spelling mistake your writer may have overlooked. Our editors will make sure that your writer adheres to your instructions and communicate with your writer in terms of the paper’s quality, and yes that includes a review of even the first draft. We offer a lasting kind of help with research paper writing, thus you are entitled to request a revision if you find something amiss in your paper.

  • Punctuality. We encourage clients to give us a reasonable time frame to address long documents, however, our minimum turnaround time is four hours for shorter works. This means that if you need a two to three-page research paper in four hours, we can provide that to you. For longer projects such as theses and dissertations, we would recommend a draft timeline. For instance, you may set a deadline of three days for your writer to address an outline or proposal. Then, after five days, you may request your writer to submit the first draft of the paper. This will allow you to track the progress of your paper and for us to ensure that you are getting the service that you paid for.

  • Communication.  GenuineWriting allows you to directly communicate with your writer through our client lounge. Once you place your order, you will receive the log-in details to the set communication platform and there you will be able to ask your writers questions and vice versa. We believe that direct communication will save you and your writer’s time. You can also communicate with our operators at any time of the day in case you forgot to say something to your writer.

  • Affordability. Our website offers various discounts. We have loyalty programs, store credits, and discounts for first-time clients. Paying someone to write your research paper well doesn’t have to be expensive. Talk to our agents now and find out the discounts available for you!

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  1. Price Calculator. The first step is to get your price quote. Find Price Calculator to enter the details of your order. Select the correct project type (Research Paper), then choose the academic level you are in (High School to Professional level). Next, identify how many pages you need your work to be (1 page = 280 words). Then, set the deadline for your writer. We recommend that you set this deadline earlier than your actual deadline so you can acquaint yourself well with your paper. Finally, decide if you need presentation slides, charts, or if your research paper contains quantitative problems (Finance, Calculus, Algebra, Physics, etc.)

  2. Assignment Details.  This is where you will add the details of your order. You should provide the following information in order to proceed: subject of your output; the title (or you can let the writer decide); complete instructions (include as much information as possible); and tick the boxes representing auxiliaries and additional pages you need such as abstract and outline.

  3. Writer Preference. For returning clients, you may specify the identification code of your previous writer if you wish to let the same person handle your new project. For new clients, you can skip this step and proceed to Checkout.

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Needing help with research papers is unavoidable. On top of that, it’s rather challenging to find a free research paper helper more so if your deadline is fast approaching. College and postgraduate students encounter this ordeal more often than not despite excellent time management and planning. Avoid this dilemma by letting us help you.