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In an Orderly Fashion – Process Essays

Students are often confused by the concept of a process essay. In truth, students are exposed to process essays every day in their classrooms and most never even give them a second thought, except to actually do whatever it is that they describe. A process essay, in its simplest definition, describes the steps necessary to accomplish a described task.

How Process Essays Affect Us

Process essays are literally everywhere in our society. Open any cookbook and you find process essays describing how to prepare virtually any culinary masterpiece imaginable. Access any tutorial online describing how to create your own web page and you are viewing yet another process essay. Go to prepare your annual tax return and guess what … yet another process essay presents itself.

Process essays are, effectively, a crossbreed between chronological essays and descriptive essays, incorporating the descriptive details from one and the chronological ordering of the other to create a process description that is both informative and detailed.

Preparing a Process Essay

To begin a process essay, create an outline of the actions necessary to complete the task you are wishing to describe. Leave nothing out, no matter how minor it might seem. Make notes associated with the appropriate step of any warnings that might be necessary. It can also make your essay more effective to describe ways (again at appropriate points) that the reader can tell if something is going wrong with the process.

Start the essay by describing the process you are about to present and explaining its importance. Too many times students forget the explanation, leaving the reader wondering why they are describing the process and how it relates to them.

Begin writing descriptive sentences explaining each step in the process sequence, giving each critical step its own paragraph and making sure to describe the possible hazards in the process and what symptoms might indicate a mistake has been made. It is also important, if possible, to direct them on how to undo such a mistake.

Conclude the essay by reviewing what the process has done and why it is useful to know.

How We Can Help

Many of our writers come from industrial backgrounds where they have been exposed to or in fact have written process essays in real-world environments. They are fully aware of the needed content for process essays and can quickly and easily translate this knowledge and experience into a masterpiece essay, ready for you to turn in for that next “A.”

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