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Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

In academic, scientific, and professional environments, the ability to present information professionally and effectively is an important issue. Until the past two decades, presentations depended upon posters, slide machines and overhead projectors. Although technology has changed, the need for visual support and components has continued. Today, we use powerful presentation media such as the Internet and Microsoft PowerPoint to develop and share our information and thoughts. The problem is, not everyone is good at it.

To make an effective presentation, regardless of media, the presenter must mix the information he or she is sharing with visual components such as images, graphs, and charts to assist his or her audience in understanding the information being presented. Preparing a PowerPoint presentation requires a mix of relevant information and graphic design technique. As the presenter prepares the PowerPoint slides, he or she must be cautious and keep many things in mind.

  • Do not overload the slides – limit your points per slide to between four and eight and never use full sentences. The PowerPoint presentation should be designed to supplement your oral presentation, not replace it. The slides should be bullet-pointed, using an “outline” of the topic to clarify your subject and guide your audience through the presentation, just as your presentation cue cards guide you through it.
  • Do not get too flashy – use graphics and charts to support your claims and statements but be careful not to allow their “catchiness” to distract from your message. This goes double for using animations, graphic or text. Especially avoid flashing backgrounds or text, there is a significant portion of our society that is adversely affected by such things, placing them in danger of serious medical complications such as seizures.
  • Do not forget about color-blindness – many people in our society have difficulty with color-blindness. Avoid the more common issues such as red font on green backgrounds or dithered colors in charts. This can be a particular problem when using multi-colored backgrounds. To test your slides, print the presentation out in grey-scale mode. If you have trouble reading any of the slides in grey-scale, you can be sure someone will have trouble reading them during your presentation.
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