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Green Papers – Policy Proposals and What They Mean

The term “green papers” is primarily used in the British Common Wealth nations to describe published proposals for governmental and corporate policies, though its use has begun to spread slowly elsewhere. They are, essentially, positional/persuasive essays regarding an idea for new policies or for the alteration of existing policies.

The Nature of the Beast

Green Papers are usually written and released by a government or corporation, though many non-governmental organizations have taken up the practice in presenting their ideas for social, environmental and economic reforms.

Green papers, in their infancy, are already undergoing dramatic changes. Simply stating an idea or proposal is no longer sufficient. Thanks to the Internet and rapidly changing social priorities and expectations, green papers must meet the same quality and detail as an in-depth research paper.

As such, the importance of having someone with the skills required for adequate research and the talent for effective communication and writing is critical. Not every student or professional possess either of these skill and fewer still have both.

Enter the Ghostwriter

Professional ghostwriters are experts in both research and writing. Part inherent talent and part deliberate training, the possession of high quality research skills and dedicated writing ability are the hallmarks of a true professional.

As professional ghostwriters, our writers are representative of this. Combining their extensive experience in research, support software such as mind-mapping programs, and their immense talent with words, they routinely produce works of the highest caliber.

Many of our writers have, more specifically, had extensive contact and experience preparing green paper materials for governmental agencies, corporation and nonprofit social and activist organizations. With this experience, they are particularly qualified to assist you with almost any project imaginable, including Internet content development and public PowerPoint presentations.

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