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Writing a Persuasive Speech

The art of persuasion is in all likelihood the most difficult academic and professional skill to master. Persuasive speeches are found in a wide range of environments, most notably in the political arena and public policy development activities.

In persuasion, the student or professional must use a mix of reliable facts and emotional appeal to convince his or her audience to agree or cooperate with the presenter’s position, opinion, or proposal.

When writing a persuasive speech, the student or professional must find a balance between the use of facts in support of his or her argument and the emotional appeal that he or she is presenting. To achieve this goal, the student or professional must incorporate a high level of critical thinking into the persuasive speech while maintaining a level of livelihood that will keep the audience’s attention.

A typical persuasive speech will utilize three to five key points in support of the orator’s (or speaker’s) position. Each point is developed in the same manner that a short essay on the point would be, presenting the topic and its importance to the overall speech position. As these points are developed, the writer/orator must maintain the focus on his or her intended message and position.

Once the speech is ready, the orator should practice it many times before delivering it to an audience. He or she should focus on establishing and presenting the topic in a way that will inspire and convince his or her audience that the position is worthy and truly believed by the orator.

Getting a Little Help

It is not uncommon for organizational professionals to employ the services of professional writers in the preparation of their speeches. The President of the United States, for instance, has a full-time speechwriter (sometimes two or three in fact) to prepare his public oratories and State of the Union addresses.

Our company provides this high-profile service to our clients at an affordable level. With hundreds of skilled writers, your persuasive speech can be completed quickly and effectively well within virtually any modest budget, releasing you from the burden of preparing the speech and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Our writers understand that reputations are on the line in public speeches, theirs and the client’s. As such, they put in extra effort to ensure that each speech is top notch, earning them and our company well deserved reputations for excellence. Contact us today and dazzle your audience with your next professionally prepared speech.

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