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Persuasive Essays

Creating a persuasive essay takes a blend of creativity and facts to establish an environment where one can convince someone to believe a given position and/or to take action upon the subject written about. Often we find persuasive essays in political environments or in nonprofit writings seeking action or donations for a particular cause.

The Art of Persuasion

To convince someone to take action or to accept a particular opinion or point of view, it is necessary to play upon his or her emotions. Often the writer does this by writing a passionately descriptive scenario, detailing how the scenario affects them (or in some cases asks how they could not be moved by such a condition, playing directly upon their compassion), and then issuing the call for them to take immediate action.

To write such an essay, start by describing as vividly as possible the scenario you are trying to change or create. At this stage, you are painting a picture in the mind of your reader with the words you write.

Next, describe what actions or responses you feel will address the issue that you wish the reader to take, explain the logic behind and effect you believe this action will have and why the reader should act promptly.

Finally, describe the environment you believe will be created by the reader’s actions. Again, you are painting with words, generating an image in the mind of the reader showing the improvements the reader will be responsible for by taking immediate action.

How We Can Help

Many students practice the art of persuasion routinely, convincing a classmate to join them for a movie or for an instructor to give them just one more day on an assignment that is already three days late. Persuasiveness is as much an art as a skill.

Our writers have had years of experience in both persuasiveness and writing and are ready to put both to work for you. Many of them come from backgrounds where their employment depended upon their ability to persuade people to do things they might otherwise not think of doing, no matter how important those things might be. Two particular areas where this applies are politics and nonprofit organizations, of which we have writers experienced in both of those areas.

By contacting us today, you are putting the experience of these seasoned professionals to work for you, allowing yourself time to complete other class work while taking comfort in the fact that your essay is being professionally prepared.

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