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Opinion Papers vs. Position Papers

There is a great amount of confusion between position papers and opinion papers. Though the two are closely related, each holds its own existence in academic fields. It is because of the confusion between them that many students are shocked by receiving a poor grade on their assignment, writing opinions instead of establishing a topic position. So, what is the difference?

Let us first consider what an opinion paper is. In an opinion paper, the student expresses and argues a personally held opinion. The opinion presented can, on occasion, be supported by empirical evidence, though more often the opinion is supported not by empirical evidence, but by intellectual logic and emotional engagement. In contrast, position papers are supported by reasonable preponderance of empirical evidence. Conclusions drawn in the paper are dictated by the evidence, though the interpretation of the evidence may be skewed by the personal agenda of the writer.

The differences can be further defined by taking a typical issue, such as abortion, and showing an example of each approach. Arguments against abortion in an opinion paper may include, indirectly, references to possible physical and mental effects, but will normally focus on moral and spiritual aspects such as the alleged murder of an unborn child. A position paper against abortion will focus on the potential physical and mental effects of abortion, touching lightly upon moral and spiritual aspects if they are mentioned at all.

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