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Giving Your Opinion Voice

A major challenge confronts students when they are asked to write an opinion paper establishing their position or viewpoint on a given issue. Many are unsure how to approach such a requirement, much less how to do it effectively.

Designing an Opinion Paper

An opinion paper is built much as any essay or other academic assignment, except there are four main sections.

  • Introduction
    In the introduction, the writer introduces the main topic of the paper, giving the facts of the topic and revealing what ethical facet the writer will discuss. This section is normally one or two pages long.
  • Parties Involved or Affected
    The writer, to show their objectivity, will need to reveal those involved or affected by the topic being discussed, what their positions and opinions are, and how the issue affects them. This section is also normally one or two pages long.
  • Alternatives and Consequences
    The writer will then discuss what alternatives are available and what the consequences (positive and negative) of each alternative. The consequences should be presented by what effects the alternative has for each of the parties involved. It is not uncommon for this section to take two to five pages.
  • Conclusion
    In the conclusion, the writer states the action or solution to the issue presented that he or she feels best addresses the issue and the ethical environment surrounding it. He or she completes the conclusion by briefly discussing why he or she feels or thinks this way. Generally, this section is a single page.
  • References
    Last, as with any paper, the writer lists all references used in the preparation of the opinion paper, following proper formats under the expected citation guidelines.

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