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Publishing Quality Newsletters

The growth and development of the Internet over the past two decades has been phenomenal. Today, millions of websites with billions of web pages and images overwhelm Internet surfers with their abundant data. To make sense of much of this information, Internet users are increasingly turning to Internet newsletters and online magazines and newspapers to filter out the relevant information they are seeking.

The proliferation of Internet newsletters is being driven by a combination of factors. The availability of desktop publishing software has enabled the printing of newsletters for even the smallest of audiences, down to newsletters published for small businesses to alert their customers of events and new products and even smaller newsletters whose only distribution is a single classroom or family. The advent and growing acceptance of electronic magazines, sent by email or hosted on an existing website, has brought the associated costs down to a level that even the most cash-strapped entrepreneur can afford to publish a newsletter. The question is, can they do it well? In general, the answer is no. Too many of these blooming sources of information and news are guilty of copyright infringement by simply copying articles from other sources or produce articles that are so weak structurally or knowledgably as to render them useless or worse.

Most newsletter publishers may know a great deal about their particular subject but few possess the writing skill necessary to make readable, enjoyable articles based upon that knowledge. This tends to make their newsletters rather dry reading, delivering information but failing to entertain and capture the attention of their audience.

The Building of a Successful Newsletter

On the Internet, it is often said that content is king. This is evident in the success of websites that contain actual information articles that people will take time to view, referred to as hard content. For newsletters and electronic magazines, this is especially true. Most newsletters suffer from an over-focusing of their subject matter, to the point that even loyal readers will stop reading after just a few editions.

Newsletters and magazines that take lessons from successful websites will have a wide variety of content that is related to the primary subject but which is “off-topic” enough to make the newsletter or magazine worth reading to the Internet viewer. Consider this a moment.

Anyone who has read business magazines can attest to the inclusion of off-topic articles related to investment techniques, political developments, and global events that, though not directly business-related, influence the business community. Magazines that fail to broaden their coverage seldom last more than a few years. The lesson taken from this and the results of successful websites is clear. Good content from external but related interest is necessary to keep readers interested in the next episode.

  • Appropriate Content

    Selection of appropriate content to achieve the goal of diversification is not always easy. There is a wide variety of articles and “fillers” that a publisher could add to a newsletter. There is, however, some tried and true options that will help energize the publication.

  • Humorous Articles and Cartoons

    Readers seldom forget that they were entertained by an article or cartoon in your publication. This can give them motivation by itself to subscribe and to continue subscribing in the future.

  • Top 10 or “Best of” Lists

    Human beings are a strange breed. Almost without exception, we seek the hottest music, the best bargains, the fastest cars, the richest people, etc. Creating such lists that are related to the core content of the newsletter or magazine may encourage more visitors to view your materials, perhaps giving them cause to subscribe as well.

  • Human Interest Stories

    Another thing human beings love is human interest stories. Our world is becoming increasingly impersonal, leaving vast portions of our society feeling isolated from each other. The use of human interest stories allow them some connection with others, through sympathetic or inspirational events or thoughts. This is proven through the success of movies such as “Pursuit of Happyness” and “The Day After Tomorrow.” These allow the viewers to associate, if only for a short time, with a world that is much larger than their personal experiences.

  • Votes, Polls, and Petitions

    The use of voting opportunities and opinion polls encourages viewers to become personally involved in the website. These give the viewer the incentive not only to take action, but to return to your website repeatedly.

Drawing in New Readers

The life-blood of magazines and newsletters is their readership market. By publishing a more balanced mix of articles, two important aims are addressed. First, mixing the content of your magazine or newsletter increases the entertainment value for your existing readers, giving them incentive to maintain their subscription. They will wait for and look forward to the next edition with eager anticipation. Second, mixing the content encourages new subscribers to join by making your subject more attractive to a wider audience. The more specialized your subject, the more this effect comes into play. Third, mixing the content increases the attractiveness to potential advertisers who often base their advertising purchase decisions upon the readership volume. This means potentially greater income from your newsletter.

How We Can Help

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