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An Example of Movie Reviewing

Ordinarily, I would write a document such as this one from a detached, even factual perspective. But when reviewing a movie, personal opinion and observation play important roles in developing the review. I believe using a personal experience can best explain this process.

A few months ago, I wrote a review on The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, a movie that was based on the delightful novel by Douglas Adams of the same name. Having not only seen the movie, but also having read the book the movie was based upon, I felt particularly qualified to take on this task.

I started with an overview of the movie’s premise and plot, noting various places the movie diverted from the original book. I followed this with a critique on the movies underlying theme: the problems of dealing with bureaucratic thinking, citing specific examples from the movie such as Arthur Dent’s comment about Brits knowing how to “cue” in line at a governmental office.

From there, I finished by developing an understanding of the difficulties the producer and director faced converting a whimsical novel into a movie. This was a particularly difficult task considering the limited budget reportedly available for its production. This experience highlights the basic style of most movie reviews: summarization, aesthetic critique, plot critique and finally production critique. If the movie is based upon a novel or true-life events, the summarization will typically include comparison with the original novel or events.

We Like Watching Movies

As a rule, our writers love their work, particularly when they get to watch a great movie in the process. Some of them report catching themselves critiquing movies on television, just for the practice (much to the chagrin of their spouses or significant others). With their combined experiences of source analysis and academic or professional writing, our writers are exceptionally qualified to assist you in preparing your academic or professional movie review. Just contact us today, tell us which movie you need reviewed and any particular points that need to be addressed and before you know it, the assignment will be ready to turn in.

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