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The Art of Literary Critiques

“…there are books of which the backs and covers are by far the best parts.” – Charles Dickens

When college professors give an assignment calling for a literary critique, many students end up having to rewrite their papers. This is because many of them fail to distinguish between a literary critique and a literary summary or report. Most students are conditioned in early education to do reports and summaries without official mention or education in the higher protocols of critiquing and analysis.

The Components of Literary Critiques

Unlike summaries which ask what the author said, critiques focus on how it was said, why it was said, and how well was it said. Unlike the common view of the word critic, critiquing does not focus on the negative aspects of a work. The position of a critique flows along a very broad spectrum from “kill it now, it should never have been written” to “why did it take so long to write?”

The first step in critiquing a paper is to establish who wrote it, to whom it was written and why it was written. Pay careful attention to sections of the book or other work that support specific points for future use. Make notes on your impressions of the logic and accuracy of the information as well as the quality with which it is presented. Also note your own feelings on the work’s topic.

Writing the Critique

Once you have gathered all of this, it is time to write. The writing of any critique, literary or otherwise, is the writing of a reaction or opinion paper. It flows from your initial introduction of the topic, into your supportive evidence (drawn from the literary source), and concludes with an overview of your analysis and critique of the work, just like any other such assignment.

After Thoughts

One of the critical points most students overlook in the preparing of their critique to the ability to give specific examples of their arguments. For many works, it takes the talent of a professional writer to understand the finer points and to prepare a logical, conclusive critique of the work. This is where our company can help.

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