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Grant Proposal Letters of Inquiry

It is common knowledge that the scramble for foundation and corporate grants is becoming increasingly competitive. Preparation of a grant proposal can take days or weeks normally, with some taking months to adequately document. Rather than subject nonprofits to this extreme burden continuously, many funding organizations are switching to a “letter of inquiry” model.

The letter of inquiry model calls for organizations seeking funds to send a one or two page letter outlining the project. This allows the funding organization to consider if the project would even meet their funding class restrictions or organizational agenda before the nonprofit spends enormous resources preparing a full proposal, saving both organizations significant investment into the grant planning process.

Letters of inquiry, though similar to cover letters, differ significantly from their close-cousins in one very important aspect. Cover letters accompany the document in question, such as with a resume, and attempt to convince the recipient to read the primary document. Letters of inquiry, however, supply equally persuasive prose, but with the offer of additional detailed information at a later date, should the recipient indicate interest. Due to the fundament difference in premise, these two document types, though similar, require very different approaches to their preparation. Many larger organizations have individuals (and sometimes entire departments) who do nothing but prepare grant proposals and letters of inquiry. But what do smaller organizations do?

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