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Job Application Letters

Applicants for employment situations often make simple mistakes in presenting their availability and qualifications for a given job. These mistakes, though not necessarily fatal, can put the candidate at a distinct disadvantage. By taking a few simple things into consideration, he or she can avoid, or at least mitigate, many of these occupational blunders.

One of the first blunders a candidate can make is in the presentation of their resume or job application. Many times these documents are delivered “naked,” meaning they have no introductory or cover letter. Without this introduction, the recipient has little incentive to continue reading and essentially no context from which to examine the application or resume. A good application or resume cover letter will establish the context in which the document is being presented, such as what employment position the candidate is being considered for or how their acquired skills make them a viable candidate for the position.

A job application or resume letter should be written with the same care and preparation as one would prepare the introductory section of a report or dissertation. The mission of each is the same; give the reader a good reason to keep reading.

Tapping Professional Talent

Our staff of professional writers have a great amount of experience writing introductory letters. Professional articles and article proposals they submit to publishers are always accompanied by a cover letter, selling their talents and knowledge that make them the right candidate for preparing the article each time.

Effectively, each article or proposal is an application for the job of preparing that particular article, giving them lots of experience that can be applied to your specific needs. This translates into a higher probability of getting your valuable resume or application noticed by the selecting manager or committee and is the first step to your new employment situation.

Couple this with our professional resume preparation service and it will not be long before your desired employment situation is finally captured by the most deserving person … you! Contact us today and let us present you in the very best light possible.

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