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Expository Essays

What the heck is an expository essay? Sounds almost vulgar, right? Actually, other than the descriptive essay, expository essays are among the easiest essays to write. Unlike argumentative or opinion essays, expository essays work to educate or inform the reader about a given topic or issue, focusing on presenting the facts of the topic, rather than opinion or argument or issue. A typical topic for expository essay writing is a how-to article that describes the steps of a given process or event. The expository essay could explain the intended or historic outcome of the process or event, or how and why each step is or was important to the outcome. Depending on the specific topic, expository essays can be a two or three pages long or range easily to ten times that range, though longer documents are generally regarded as reports, rather than expository essays.

The student preparing an expository essay must begin by breaking down the process or, in the case of an event, the related sequence of events and circumstances that lead to and from the discussion event. Within this understanding, documents like the September 11th or Kennedy assassination reports could be considered examples of expository essays, as could the directions for assembling a birdhouse.

In preparing an expository essay, the student shouldn’t just list the steps, but should discuss each step, giving examples of what to expect if errors are made or of what might have happened had things in a given event been altered.

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