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Descriptive Essays

Descriptive essays are often considered hybrids between non-fictional and creative writing assignments. In a descriptive essay, the writer uses descriptive prose to create an image of a person, place, event or object in the mind of the reader. When done properly, the writer can create such a strong image that the reader could easily describe it in detail to someone else.

As with other academic writing assignments, descriptive essays are expected to be well written and organized. Unlike other assignments though, descriptive essays use colorful language and vivid imagery to recreate the scene the essay is presenting. The rules of conciseness and brevity typical of academic writing do not apply when writing descriptive essays. The idea behind descriptive writing is not simply to tell about the subject, but to show the subject to the reader, using words in place of a paintbrush.

As an example, a typical, concise sentence in a non-descriptive essay might read something like this:

“The horse and rider jumped over the fence, almost clipping the top beam.”

In a descriptive essay, the same sentence will be very different, even though it conveys the same basic message.

“The sleek, black mare leapt into the air, clearing the fence by mere inches in a graceful arc, her mane and tail dancing as wildly as her rider’s golden hair that caught a flash of the early morning sun, landing with seldom matched grace in the wild meadow beyond.”

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