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Curriculum Vitae

Roughly translated, curriculum vitae means “vital curriculum” or “vital courses.” As the name implies, a curriculum vitae is a resume style that focuses on educational and volunteer service experience and is typically used by students who have recently graduated but have not had significant experience in a particular industry. Typical curriculum vitae resumes begin with details regarding the applicant’s academic experience, including descriptions of special study projects and particular areas of research when appropriate. With the curriculum vitae, the student is attempting to establish his viability as a candidate by presenting his recently acquired knowledge and skills.

The curriculum vitae resume will also incorporate any information on scholastic competitions the candidate participated in, academic organizations they have been a part of, and any community volunteer activities, including any and all responsibilities or achievements obtained during such activities. As curriculum vitae resumes are usually used by recent graduates, employment histories may be limited or non-existent for many and are generally not included in the curriculum vitae unless the employment is directly related to the degree obtained by the student. Such employment would include any internship positions held by the student in the course of their studies.

Generally considered the “forgotten” fourth resume style, curriculum vitae resumes can be a “vital” component in obtaining early employment for the graduate. The curriculum vitae must be written in highly persuasive prose and be physically appealing. Often students need assistance in their preparation. This is where professional writers like ourselves enter the picture.

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Our writers are well experienced in resume preparation of every form. Unlike other writing assignments where the student tells us the topic and citation style, resume preparation requires extensive interaction between student and writer, making phone contact information a vital component in the ordering process. Writers preparing curriculum vitae resumes need to know not only your skills and academic field but must have a working understanding of who you are as a person and what your personal experiences have been in your academic and volunteer life. Once these details are collected through a one-on-one interview process, your curriculum vitae or other style resume can be completed quickly and efficiently. Contact us today and let us help you present yourself professionally tomorrow.

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