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Creative Writing

When the words creative writing are heard, most people think of short stories, poetry, and novels containing entertaining flights of fantasy. Yet creative writing is much more. It encompasses any written work that steps outside traditional boundaries and literary form, both fictional and non-fictional. It stands in contrast to technical writing, but not necessarily in opposition to it. Creative and technical writing each may contain significant elements of the other and frequently do. Newspapers around the world contain the primary example of creative non-fiction writing. Journalists take newsworthy events and communicate them to their readers through creative descriptions, interviews, and observations to educate their readers about the event, often including comments regarding the significance of the event.

Investigative reporting and magazine articles further expand the non-fictional creative writing genre, incorporating a level of technical writing as they do. Starting with a general topic, articles can invoke passion and interest in the reader, the two basic elements of creative writing, while educating the reader on a given topic, idea, or issue. As mentioned previously, creative writing also includes flights of fantasy. From whimsical poetic prose to the darkest of dramatic novels, creative writing feeds the imaginative soul of humanity. In fictional creative writing, the author seeks to build the images, events, and even smells involved in make-believe situations and scenarios, typically building to one or more climatic moments that invoke the heights of passion or the depths of despair in the reader. Truly great works draw the reader into them; detaching the reader temporarily from reality and making him or her part of the adventure by proxy.

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