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The Analysis of Literary Characters

Character analysis is the examination of literary characters, their motivation, and the realism of their behavior in the plot context. Character analysis can also include an critical analysis of the writer, his or her motivation in writing the story, and the significance of his or her work in comparison to writers of similar genre and era.

In preparing a character analysis of the literary characters, the student should seek to answer several questions: Is the character presented in a static or dynamic manner? The difference between the two is the quality of the characters actions, such as whether the character’s behavior is predictable. The analysis of a literary character also calls for a judgment of the kind of person the character represents and identifying the portions of the story. The physical, cultural, and social environment that created the character’s personality plays an important part in this identity.

There may also be a significant difference between how the character perceives him or herself and the way other characters in the story see the character. Is the character aware of this duality and if so, does he or she understand why others see them differently?

Next, does the character have a realistic view of his or her world? What is his or her view and how does this affect the character’s actions? Would a real person in a similar situation behave the same way?

Finally, is the character effectively developed, or does the character lack the depth of personality a real person might present?

Additionally, instructors may require an analysis of the author or allow its inclusion, occasionally, as extra credit. In the analysis of the author, the student draws a judgment of the character and motivation of the author from the literary work itself.

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