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Understanding Cause and Effect Essays

Cause and effect essays are a crossbreed between chronological essays and case study analyses. In preparing a cause and effect essay, the writer presents both what the sequence of events were (the chronological influence) and shows why the events happened and what the consequences of the events were (the case study analysis and explanation of the events). Examples of cause and effect essays can be seen in the reports on the 9/11 events of 2001 or a breakdown of the Enron or WorldComm bankruptcies. In each of these examples, the events covered are presented in a mix of chronological sequence and discussion of the significance of key events which led to the final (and often on-going) consequences.

When preparing a cause and effect essay, the events are broken down into identifiable components whose occurrence can be explained by the events or conditions preceding it and its subsequent effects which triggered the next portion of the events.

Concluding a cause and effect essay calls for an explanation of the overall events and their significance in the broad spectrum of the chronology.

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