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Graduating with Honors - Development of a Capstone Project

The expectation and requirement of a student completing a high-level dissertation to receive their doctoral degree is commonly and well known. But what of academic subjects for which the simple authorship of a dissertation is an insufficient project which does not show the student has truly mastered the skills of their discipline? In the fields of engineering, art, performance and journalism the preparation of a dissertation is all but meaningless.

These disciplines are better served by the student demonstrating the skills that he or she has obtained through the development of a “capstone” project. What is a Capstone Project?

Capstone projects are demonstrations of the skills the student has learned during the course of their education. In many disciplines where dissertations are used, the phrase is used to denote efforts worthy on graduation honors.

In engineering and art, the expression indicates a physical project or portfolio which demonstrates their design or artistic talent. In performance, depending on the specifics of their coursework, the capstone project may take the form of a concert critiqued by their instructors or the authorship and performance of a new, artistic work deemed significant by the instructors.

In journalistic education, a dissertation-like production can measure of the student’s skills, though in this discipline, the finished product may be significantly different from what most would expect of a dissertation project. A journalistic capstone project could take the form of developing an investigative work with social, political, economic or environmental significance, written not in academic dissertation format, but in journalistic format where the most vital information is presented first and supportive or background materials last.

This technique is important due to the fact that many journalistic venues (newspapers, magazines, etc.) are pressed for space and a journalist may find entire paragraphs at the end of his or her work chopped.

The Value of Experience

Many of our writers have years of experience in these environments. Though the services of a professional writer may not seem related to a give capstone project (particularly engineering and artistic projects), it is ill advised to dismiss it. From assisting physical capstone projects with the writing of presentation materials to boosting the quality of a creative work or journalistic capstone project, almost every project can benefit from the services of a highly-skilled, talented writer.

Our writers are highly qualified in researching, organizing and authoring of virtually any materials on almost any topic. The application of their abilities can help hone the quality of your project with well written support materials and result in an end result more impressive to your instructors.

Contact one of our talented writers today and let us assist you with the refinement of your next academic or professional writing task.

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