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The Book Report

Students have interesting understandings when it comes to book reports. Many of them try to get away with a generalized summary of the book. Though this may be a part of a book report, they must go beyond this and offer a critique of the book. This is the essence of a true book report. Often, the instructor assigns students a particular book that they must read and then prepare a report on. Students can also be given a general assignment for which they must then choose an appropriate book. As they read, students must identify the subject of the book or the book’s primary plot. A student might start a report on “The Scarlet Letter” with an evaluation of the plot being an exploration of puritan judgment on matters of sexual impropriety and the unintended consequences of such harsh judgments. In both fiction and nonfiction books, students must build and understanding of how the writer develops his or her topic and prepare a general outline of this methodology. Mind mapping software can assist with this task. Once the outline and plot or subject of the book is understood, the student is ready to begin the analysis of the book by asking a revealing sequence of questions:

  • Did the author identify and express the book’s topic or plot clearly?
  • Did the author develop the story or presentation of the plot or topic sufficiently?
  • Did the author use language appropriate for the perceived audience?
  • Does the book effectively communicate its message? How did it do so? If not, how did it fail?
  • Did the book read well? Was the plot or topic easy to understand and follow?
  • Was the book entertaining or educational to the reader? Did it contain insightfulness or teach the reader new information or ideas? How does the book relate to the reader and issues readers may face?

After these questions are answered, the writer is ready to begin writing the book report.

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