03 Nov 2008

Essays on Social Exclusion

Man is a social animal.  We thrive on human contact.  Indeed, in today’s society, we have almost no choice but to interact with others in order to acquire our basic necessities.  Yet for millions, even in America, social participation is but a dream.  Even more than 40 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act, we continue to find ways to exclude many minorities, ex-offenders, immigrants and others who are exactly like ourselves.  This creates an environment of social exclusion and elitism.

Social exclusion is a concept related to, but distinct from, discrimination.  Social exclusion can occur anytime, to anyone, for a variety of reasons.  Social exclusion, according to recent studies, affects not only social development, but hampers intellectual development and abilities in both adolescents and adults.  Though younger individuals have not been clinically examined, one can surmise that they too are affected adversely by social exclusion.

One form of social exclusion on the minds of many today is homelessness.  Counter-intuitively, homeless citizens without “responsibilities” of employment or household management suffer stress levels normally found only in high-pressure occupations such as firefighting, law enforcement and securities trading.  In part this is because of the uncertainty that many of them feel about the future and the fact that they do not have the wherewithal to participate in social functions.  As with any vulnerable population, the isolation of the homeless from society makes them many times more likely to end up the victim of a crime, ranging from the theft of personal property to rape and murder.

  • Research and critically analyze various forms of social exclusion and describe its effects on those who are excluded and upon our society in general.
  • Investigations of the Columbine shootings in Colorado revealed the gunmen had suffered extreme levels of harassment and hazing by fellow students.  Is this a form of social exclusion and if so, how might it have been addressed to prevent the tragic events at Columbine High School?

It is all too common for students at every level to deal with social exclusion in one form or another.  With the cognitive effects of social exclusion, many of them are the very students who come to us for help with their class work, feeling overwhelmed by the workload and lack of support in most academic institutions. 

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