08 Oct 2009

Sample Essay: Lockes Enquiry.Philosophy Modern

One of the two famous works done by John Locke is known as “An Essay Concerning Human Understanding”, wherein the focus of concern is about the human knowledge’s foundation including understanding. The mind was illustrated like a blank paper at birth wherein be filled later through experiences. This concept relates to modern times’ philosophy that influenced most of the philosophers like Bishop Berkeley and David Hume.

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the undertaking of project in the Enquiry based on Locke’s method and motivation. The discussion also includes the comparison of things to Descartes in the Meditations.

The project explains Locke’s undertaking in the Enquiry based on specified and not on certain knowledge, the rules and standards served as a guide that add confidence allowing ourselves to have right opinions. The first method introduced by Locke was enquiring with the ideas or notions’ origin wherein a man needs to observe and be conscious about the ideas on their mind and be able to understand things that need to be equipped. Next method displays the knowledge and understanding through ideas, security and those that are evident. There should be little enquiry with regards to nature and grounds about faith or opinion known as acceptance showing truth and that certainty are really true. Locke expects the enquiry of nature and he relates it to the knowledge that leads the people to discover powers, the things that can be reached.

Locke’s Enquiry 3

The things are indeed sufficient in dealing with and other things that ignored by most individuals (John Locke, 2008). When things were successful, it usually affect the persuasion of man’s busy mind on becoming more cautious in terms of meddling with other things beyond the understanding of powers. Tether’s extremity and peaceful reconciliation with ignorance of things relates to the things beyond the capacities of most individuals.

Man needs to be truthful with no pretensions about everything and less aggressive to raise the questions and be confused with other things that relate to the understanding of things which are absolutely not applicable to the things that may not even form with clear and distinct perceptions in minds that may often happen and no notions at all. According to Locke, the scope of understanding evolved on the achievement of things with certainty wherein most cases point to judging and guessing which must be done in order to teach us accepting the limitations and then resting the content with only knowing the human conditions that enables us in knowing the things. Reaching of understanding usually may fall far short in the scope of things and people always have all the reasons to praise God for the kind and amount of knowledge that were given to people which were far above the creation. Most men have all the reasons to be satisfied with the things seen by God and they need to understand that everything was given in order to give life’s conveniences and to form their characters. This means everything needed discovery in life in order to find way to better one. Most men have the ability to look on plentiful materials and pleasure in terms of physical activities that affect the community in throwing the blessings away while the hands are filled with because the hands are considerably not big enough in grasping everything.

Locke’s Enquiry 4

In comparison with Descartes Meditations on First Philosophy, Descartes promised to leave the room for soul’s immortality. Descartes used the metaphysical language of medieval because Descartes has moods to speak in a very intellect manner such as the abstract way regarding ideas and reasons. Descartes explanations regarding the human beings’ workings are indeed striking graphically with the circulatory system and pineal gland in relation to the Passions of Soul with emotional states as admiration and love (Descartes, 2008). Descartes can be described as the philosopher-by-nose rather than late medievalist or the early rationalist and his integrative dualism happened to be the dispute of modern version between materialists and those dualists of neo-Cartesian. Descartes’ substance language is known as the philosophical language used in talking the problem with modern reference in terms of mental and physical properties which is also considered as the other language.


Locke and Descartes have different point of views but the important thing is; they have their points that are specific and can easily be understood. According to Locke, most men consider the knowledge of capacities, in discovering the extension of knowledge and finding the horizon marking off the parts as illuminated with things from the dark one and the things can still be understood no matter how hard to understand. Locke never used any presupposition about the matter, mind and relation because the notions are indeed much easy to understand and not confusing. The value known as peculiar is the psychology consisting with attempt for keeping clear with his first enquiry about how the things come into mind and the next is the constitution of whole material with knowledge.


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