26 Jan 2011

Essays on All the King's Men

All the King’s Men is a story regarding political Stark in the South during the 1930’s.  Willie Stark, rises from being a poor man to being the governor of his home state.  After becoming governor, he then becomes his state’s most powerful political figure.  His enemies do not become compliant to him out of respect but because he bullies them into submission.  He begins to help the poor by implementing a series of taxes that strain the rich but help the lower class.  The story is not only about Willie Stark but also about Jack Burden who becomes Stark’s right hand man.  Burden was raised into an aristocratic dynasty but turns his back on it in order to help Stark.  Stark forces Burden to go against his beliefs in consequence, responsibility and motivation.  Stark asks Burden to look for secrets regarding a Judge in the state by the name of Judge Irwin who was a father figure from Burden’s childhood.

All the King’s Men is primarily about the political and moral corruption of a Deep South state, set in the environment of the great depression era.  Willie Stark, the state’s governor, rises from poverty to become the state’s governor.  His corruption shows when, though using his power to help the poor, he begins abusing his authority and ends up hurting people.  The fundamental flaw of Stark’s moral philosophy is his belief that everyone and everything is bad, except himself.  In his mind, Willie sees nothing amiss about having numerous affairs with other woman while being married to Lucy Stark who is constantly disappointed in Willie’s lack of moral fortitude.  His corruption is further revealed when he orders Jack Burden, Willie’s right hand man (and primary narrator of the story), to dig up damaging secrets on Judge Montague Irwin, the former State Attorney General, due to his support of one of Stark’s critics.  Although Burden is very intelligent, he also has a curious lack of ambition that Willie uses to his advantage.

Author Robert Penn Warren began work on All the King’s Men during his residency in Italy, forming it originally as a verse (or poetic) drama under the name Proud Flesh.  Coming to the realization that the material did not lend itself well to such form, Warren changed course and used the concept to develop the novel now seen as a political drama classic of American literature.  Essay opportunities abound, ranging from exploration of the political tendency towards corruption to the manner in which women in political circles even today are seen as objects of sexuality, often becoming victims of exploitation by rich and/or powerful figures.

The book’s rich moral and political themes can also represent significant challenges for students as they prepare essays and term papers.  Experienced, dynamic writers such as ours find them enjoyable and, with their level of experience, can deliver quality essays and term papers to fit almost every need imaginable.  All we need is your order.

12 Jan 2009

Essays on I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Growing up in the economic hardships of the 1930s and coming of age in the 1940s was undoubtedly hard for many children.  For black children, these hardships, when mixed with racism and being treated as less than human, was almost unbearable for many.  Yet through all this, many young black men and women not only managed to survive, but to find balance in an unbalanced world.


The book, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,” written by Maya Angelou in 1969, stands as a novelized autobiography, following the author as a young black girl through her formative years as she suffers abandonment, molestation, violence, and racial prejudice, factors which today are pointed to as the causes of mental illness.  But somehow the author managed not only to survive, but to find the courage to set out on her own, building an independent life and defying the incredible obstacles in her life.  Her transformation from a scared child to a thriving woman of potential is solidified at the end of the novel as she held her newborn child in her arms for the first time.

  • How did Maya Angelou respond to being abandoned by her parents or by being raped at such a young age?  How did her response affect her life long term?
  • Economic hardships are well known to bring out the worst in people.  Could the environment of the Great Depression have been responsible for Maya Angelou’s suffering such abuse?  Would a white girl during the same era have had as much hardships?  Why or why not?  What might have been different?

Essay topics run thick within this powerful, historic autobiographical novel.  From the aftermath of childhood abandonment and sexual abuse to the ways racism presented itself in the 1930s and 1940s, the underlying issues and messages of the novel paint a picture of amazing survival through hardships almost unimaginable in today’s society, yet also sends one resounding theme throughout … that all things are survivable and that the damage from such events need not undermine the future potential of any victim, regardless of the nature of such victimization.


Many of the topics Angelou’s works bring forward are points of sensitivity in today’s society.  Student’s often find themselves reiterating modern psychological assumptions without giving them a second thought, leading to carbon copy papers that can hardly be considered challenging of these establish assumptions.  With the familiarity our writers have to novels like “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings,”  we can assist the student by preparing unique essays on topics such as the effects of childhood sexual abuse and inherent social racism.  All we need to get started is your courageous order.

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