28 Jun 2010

Essays on Education Policy

Essays on Education Policy will evaluate the issues that are derailing the American education system. Moments after policymakers passed No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2002, President Bush ushered in a new beginning to education accountability. The NCLB Act was the first major education policy to be passed since the Elementary Secondary Education Act of 1965. Essays on Education Policy will challenge the policymaking process from the conception of a policy to the evaluation phase.

Furthermore, Essays on Education Policy will assess the education system through evaluating how the federal government mismanaged education policy to damage the core of American education system. Before becoming the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush was once the Governor of Texas. As governor, he adopted strong education policies that ensured that every student received a quality education. Essays on Education Policy will address education policy dating back to the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965 to the current disaster that is sinking the education system.

Essays on Education Policy will evaluate the source of the problem. Essentially, President Bush never planned to ruin the education system. In passing the NCLB Act, the federal government hoped to boost academic performance in k-12, but instead they shifted their focus to deal with the war on terrorism. Essays on Education Policy will address the role of the government in education, showing that establishing a consensus between the local, state, and federal government can promote efficiency.

Essays on Education Policy increase public awareness on improving the education system. Even since school districts, teachers, and students were expected to meet the minimum standards, the federal government managed to unfairly label many education facilities and teachers as needing improvement. The federal government took a good education policy, and then turned it into a political disaster. While the federal government inherited the bulk of education decision making, they only contributed less than 10% of overall education funding. Essays on Education Policy will assess alternatives to reforming education.

Freelance writers that work for writing service companies are capable of preparing customized Essays on Education Policy. They know where to find credible sources to challenge the education system. Freelance writers will address the responsibilities of the state and local government, demonstrating that their role in overseeing the education system is limited. Whereas now, the federal government imposed strict standards on teaching and testing standards, but have disregarded the funding requirements necessary to maintain the public school system.

Essays on Education Policy will deliver on President Obama’s promise to challenge a flawed education policy. Improve the foundation of education in inner city schools and changing the testing format will likely increase the learning curve. The NCLB Act placed unfair testing standards on many schools. In addition, teachers must meet a strict experience criteria to remain in their current position.

Essays on Education Policy offer a personal perception in what education policy measures will improvement learning, increase funding, and limit the federal government’s role in leading the American education system. In essence, Essays on Education Policy will evaluate the efficiency of the education system, introduce alternatives, and determine which measures must be revised to ensure education reform takes the proper course of action.

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