11 Nov 2012

Essay Topic: The Healers: Varieties of Experience in Doctoring

This article discuses different reasons why people may decide to specialize in medical practice. It is a fact that there are different reasons why people socialize in medical practices. Moreover, there are different fields of medicine that a person may decide to specialize in. Specialization in different fields in medicine depends with a person. There are some people who specialize in medical practice for the purpose of stabilizing financially, while there are some people who specialize in medicine due to past experiences with diseases or health condition. The article has clearly illustrated different reasons why people may decide to specialize in different fields of medicine, for example, the illustration on Dr. Paul. Medical practice involves handling people’s lives, and specialists should not use the profession as a way of making money because it might lead to loss of lives due to incompetency. Therefore, medical specialists should engage in medical practices for the purpose of providing quality health services, and not concentrate on the high rewards associated with the profession (Kleinmann 209-227).

For God’s sake shake your booty: The Second original mystery

This article discusses the relationship between God and man and how God expects man to behave to enhance their relationship. The arguments of the author are clear and concise. However, the language the author has used does not fully comply with the expectorations of the target group. The article is targeting Christians and religious groups, while it has used terms such as shake your booty, which are not considered religious. The author should consider using religious terms to enhance credibility and appeal to the target group. The words used in the article ought to be in line with religious expectation on language use (Keene

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