12 Jul 2009

Essays on The Merchant of Venice

William Shakespeare is considered by many to be one of history’s most prolific and dynamic playwrights, having written dozens of plays ranging from dramatic tragedies (Macbeth) to whimsical romances (A Midsummer Night’s Dream).  One of his best known plays is “The Merchant of Venice.”

The Merchant of Venice, as the name implies, is set primarily in the historic city of Venice, Italy.  Dealing with a mix of romantic intrigue and political turmoil, The Merchant of Venice provides numerous avenues of essay and literary evaluation.  During the course of The Merchant of Venice, issues such as the extent of what friends will do for friends, what children will do to honor their parents, what others do to pursue love, and even what mankind in general will do to exact vengeance on those perceived to have wronged us are addressed in a series of profound, but realistic events.

Central to the story is the friendship between the main characters, Bassanio and Antonio.  Bassanio is in love with the beautiful and wealthy Portia of the city of Belmont.  Antonio, out of friendship, arranges a loan for Bassanio with a Jewish moneylender, Shylock, pledging a pound of his own flesh in forfeiture should they be unable to repay the loan, setting the stage for the events to follow.

  • William Shakespeare had a talent of hiding themes and lessons within many of his plays.  One hidden theme of “The Merchant of Venice” is the concept of wisdom and our understanding of it.  Within the prose of the play, how it guides the lives of those who have it, and how those who lack it end up paying the consequences are revealed.  Choose a character and discuss how the concept of wisdom affects the character through the course of the play.
  • Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of this play is the riddle of the boxes.  Describe the test and its consequences for those involved.  Explain how the concepts of obedience and wisdom play into this from the aspect of Portia’s obedience to her father’s wishes and from the father’s wisdom in the test itself.
  • The Merchant of Venice is often cited as the source for our concept of “a pound of flesh,” implying a claim of vengeance that is expected to come at a high price or with considerable risk to the claimant.  Explore why this is so and analyze the appropriateness of the present day implications of the expression and significance of the play.

Plays such as The Merchant of Venice hold double risk for students in their writings.  The plays not only hold hidden meanings, but were written in a vastly different society, with forgotten connotations embedded within its prose that held significance during the time of Shakespeare, but that are almost meaningless to us today.  Our writers stand ready to assist in your needs for Shakespearean play essays and literary analyses.

03 Nov 2008

Essays on Romeo and Juliet

Speaking the names “Romeo and Juliet” is perhaps the most effective way of invoking thoughts of romance known in our modern society. The term “Romeo and Juliet” is used across many western cultures, historically referring to the romantic passions of young love and more recently as a distinctive label for the “crime” of “child-molestation” involving individuals who are so close in age as to make our society uncomfortable with punishing the lovers and forcing many to question the laws involved.

Considering the broad, modern use of the phrase, it is ironic that the powerful term “Romeo and Juliet” comes from a play written more than four centuries ago by the Bard of Bards, William Shakespeare. The play “Romeo and Juliet” addresses many social concepts which are, even today, controversial: family feuds, social violence, arbitrary law enforcement, youthful sexual relationships, overly protective parenting, the marriage of young lovers and the act of elopement by such lovers.

Structurally, “Romeo and Juliet” is highly dynamic, drawing upon purportedly true events (though many question this), showing a realistically complex social order and effectively mixing humor and tragedy to build the dramatic impact of the play. Even in today’s jaded society, “Romeo and Juliet” invokes powerful emotions in almost any audience. Romeo and Juliet” is so powerful a play that it is often one of the first such plays performed by even the youngest of modern thespians. Academically, there are a wide number of avenues students can approach for essays on “Romeo and Juliet.”

  • The play “Romeo and Juliet” contains a wide variety of characters and character types. Some, like Juliet’s father, seem to display an almost schizophrenic personality, being socially extrovert at one moment, then dramatically oppressive the next. Select two or three characters from “Romeo and Juliet” and prepare a comparative analysis of their character types and personalities. Does the character seem to change or develop in any way during the course of the play?
  • Romeo and Juliet feel a strong sexual attraction to one another during the play, yet also demonstrate what is perceived to be a high level of moral responsibility. How is this concept developed in the play and how does it contrast with the application of the term “Romeo and Juliet” to youthful sexual relationships today? Is this an appropriate application of the term and why?

Almost every student is expected to prepare essays analyzing one or more aspects of the play “Romeo and Juliet,” making it one of the most frequently requested assignments for companies such as ours. Some of our writers even specialize in this type of analysis, writing only articles on “Romeo and Juliet” and many other literary masterpieces.

All we need to prepare an original essay on “Romeo and Juliet” for you is your order, placed conveniently through our easy to use ordering system. Give it, and us, a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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