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Article Critique

There are a great many misunderstandings regarding article critiques. Students frequently fall into a pattern of summarizing the article, missing the point of what an article critique actually is. An article critique is an analytic evaluation of the quality of an article, the effectiveness of its presentation and the usefulness of the information presented.

When preparing an article critique, the student must first select an article appropriate to the assignment given to him or her by the instructor. Once an appropriate article is found, the student must then read the article carefully, identifying the topic of each section or paragraph and building an outline of the article. Mind mapping software such as FreeMind may come in handy during this process. The student must then analyze the article, asking a myriad of questions:

  • Is the author’s main purpose easily identifiable and clearly expressed in the article?
  • Does the author support any generalizations and conclusions with sufficient empirical evidence or logical argumentation?
  • Does the writer use language appropriate for his or her audience?
  • Is the article persuasive in obtaining your agreement with the author’s position? How did it accomplish this or fail to do so?
  • Are the article and its argument well planned and easy to understand and follow?
  • Was the information in the article useful to the reader in some way? Did it contain new information or present it in a new logical light? How does it relate to the reader’s life and the current issue environment?

Once the answers to these questions are established, the writer is ready to compile them into their critique.

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