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Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays are used to establish and argue the writer’s position on a given topic, particularly topics of extensive controversy. Argumentative essays can be particularly problematic for younger students who have never written one before. It can be easy to “take sides” on a topic without really understanding the arguments in support of that position. The objective of an argumentative essay is not just to state your position, but also to defend and argue the superiority of that position in such a way as to “win” the debate on the topic in question.

To accomplish this goal, the supportive information and argument must be persuasive. Argumentative essays differ from opinion papers in that they include extensive information about the opposing viewpoint, and then continue by arguing the superiority of the essay’s position. This argument must be carefully crafted to avoid mudslinging as it makes your argument on the topic weak, thus undermining the effectiveness of the argument.

The gathering of supportive materials must also be carefully done, tapping extensively reliable and credible sources of information. The author must then analyze the materials to show how and why the information is supportive of the author’s position. This is accomplished in many ways: empirical logic in the analysis of available data, emotional linking to the needs of the reader, and tapping the reader’s common sense, to name just a few.

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Our writers have extensive experience in argumentative prose. They are a mix of industry professionals, academic scholars and professional writers who have written such arguments many times over their careers. Through diligent detachment, each of them can craft an essay to present your side of any argument or debate in a skilled and effective manner, regardless of any personal feelings or opinions on the topic.

Using state-of-the-art software such as mind mapping programs, our writers can research the issue to gather valuable information, document the sources of the supportive information, and to organize your document for maximum effectiveness. Contact us today for further information on how we can assist you.

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