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Writing a Business Description

In business planning, it is important to have a clear understanding of what kind of business you are going into or are currently operating.

The story is told of a man who operated a small television operation who believed he was in the business of selling televisions. But when he was encouraged to prepare a proper business plan by his local banker, he was amazed by what he found. The majority of profits for the business came not from television sales, but from the servicing of them after the sale had long past. With that knowledge, he let someone else take the television sales market and focused his efforts on building a profitable electronics repair company. By establishing the reality of his on-going business, his view of the company was fundamentally altered and took him in new directions.

This story illustrates to major points:

  • Business plans are vital for ensuring the future of your venture
  • Business plans are not just for new, start-up ventures.

Elements of the Business Description

The business description is broken into several component topics: details of the business, an overview of competing operations, and a strategic analysis of the strengths the business has that will overcome that competition.

By putting each of these into black and white, the image of the potential company (or its future) is brought somewhat into focus. Investors reading this section are rather savvy in such matters, so don’t scrimp on the details. The investors want to be sure you are in things for the long-haul and if you are unaware of your business and the challenges of its market, it is unlikely that your company will prosper.

Seeking Professional Assistance

The importance of a good business plan cannot be emphasized enough. Often, the future of your company or business idea hangs in the balance. Why leave it to chance?

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