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Summaries in Business Plans

Throughout the business planning process, various summaries of information are used. Typically, summaries are no longer than 10% of the original materials in length, giving a general overview of the material contents and possibly pointing the way to additional information. In business plans, there are two types of summation.

Sectional Summaries

Within each section, summaries of the section’s content are given to establish the contest of the material that follows. The summary highlights the information determined by the author to be the most relevant. These are the one area the business plan author can get away with generalities and indirect references to information.

The Executive Summary

The executive summary of a business plan is just what it sounds like, a summary of the plan’s highlights and content. Though read first, the executive summary is usually the last thing written, other than the cover page and table of contents.

The executive summary is written for decision making executives who are limited in time and are generally limited to 1 to 10 pages, depending on the depth of the associated document. Wherefore, the executive summary must be well written, giving enough information for the executive to make a sound decision regarding the business plan and, hopefully, enticing him or her to read the entire document.

Applications of Summation.

Since summaries must communicate information regarding the most critical information in their documents, they must naturally be well written. Although they are much smaller than their associated document, it is not uncommon for a summary to take as long to write as the main document took.

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