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Strategic Planning and Analysis

Strategy is another important aspect of business planning. When planning any business, project, or organization, the planner must understand where he is in relationship to the activity and what he hopes to achieve by the activity.

Having those firmly in mind, he can begin developing the necessary plan of action (the strategy) to go from where he is, to where he wishes to be (the goal). This is the core of strategic planning and strategic analysis is the process of examining and determining the organizations needs and how the organization can best achieve their goals (the plan).

As Applied to Business

Applying the concept of strategic planning and analysis is at the heart of every business plan. In the business description section, the author must present what his business is, who his competitors are, and finally a strategic plan for maximizing the company’s potential for profit and success.

This strategic plan must take into account any and all risks the author has identified in his separately prepared risk analysis. To prepare the business plan, essentially, the entrepreneur must establish that he knows the risks and challenges of operating the business and that he has a definable course of action that will lead to success.

The strategic analysis plan must also be focused on problem prevention, rather than on crisis reaction. The strategic plan must show how the company will operate to minimize or avoid problem scenarios by preparation and anticipation.

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