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Reviewing Your Business Plan

Once your business plan is written, it is highly recommended that you review the document prior to submitting it to anyone. Reviewing the plan will assist you in identifying areas you may have overlooked, or that should be strengthened to make the plan more effective.

Business Plan Review Issues

When conducting your review, there are many issues you should keep in mind as these are issues that potential investors will be looking at extensively in evaluating your business for possible investment. Examine the issues by asking the following series of questions:

  • Thoroughness – Have I included every major section of the business? Does each section contain all the information it should?
  • Readability – Are the key points of the business plan easily identifiable and understandable? Have I eliminated emotional hype from the document?
  • Verifiability – Can my numbers or statements be verified through independent review?
  • Clarity – Is the business well described? Is the target market clearly identifiable? Are my stated goals realistic?
  • Honesty – Have I clearly stated the existence and strength of my competition? Have I accurately portrayed the potential market?
  • Accuracy – Are my financial projections realistic? Is the business viable if I have 10% less revenues? 20%?

Final Thoughts

The preparation of a business plan may seem trivial to many would be business tycoons. Yet the most prolific tycoons swear by their business plans. The creation of a comprehensive business plan is a road map for the organization and an effective introduction for would-be investors and supporters.

Such business plans are important to every organization – from the humble mom and pop grocery store down the street to multinational development organizations out to save the world. Our writers, many of whom have thriving businesses of their own, know full well the importance of this document. The preparation and maintenance of their own business plans gives them added insight into this importance and adds to their dedication to assist any business plan client in preparing the best, most realistic plans possible. To tap this dedicated workforce, place your order today and let your future success begin.

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