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Planning for Business Technology Needs

During the attack on September 11th, 2001, many companies found their operations hampered or completely disrupted by the events, including thousands who did not have facilities in the immediate area of damage. The problem was underground where critical communication trunks were destroyed, crippling telephone and Internet communications for several miles around the disaster site. The companies affected the least were those who had contingency plans in place that could be enacted swiftly in response to the crisis.

Assessing Technological Needs

The inclusion of technology assessments in business plans is a recent development in the business world. As business becomes increasingly dependent on technological innovations and energy to power them, disclosure of those needs and their potential effect on the viability and profitability of companies has also increased at dramatic rates.

The analysis of technological needs is performed in much the same manner as a traditional production analysis is, though its focus is on the technology involved to support company operations. A technology analysis takes into account the communications, data entry and product tracking components of the business and the energy supplies needed to operate them. Identification of critical requirements must be performed so that the company knows what areas of its operation may be vulnerable. This allows them, and the author of any business plan, to consider what steps should be in place to compensate for the loss of the vulnerable business segment.

Planning Ahead

Though many catastrophic events are unavoidable, careful planning can improve any company’s survival of those events. As with the aftermath of the September 11th, 2001 attack and natural disasters such has Hurricane Katrina, companies that plan for disaster potentials will be the most resilient and subsequently the most competitive when disasters strike.

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