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What is Marketing Analysis?

An integral part of a business plan is the marketing strategy portion. Its development requires the plan’s author to examine the proposed strategy critically, analyzing it for potential weaknesses and flaws and adjusting the plan to cover the problems that may arise from such a condition. This analysis is simply known as “marketing analysis.” To understand marketing analysis, it is necessary first to have an understanding of what marketing is.

Marketing is the implementation of the four “P”s for products, services, or ideas, creating an environment of adequate supply, affordability, ready availability, and consumer knowledge of what is being marketed. Each of these elements exists in a manner related to, but separate from, the other elements.

In the marketing environment, for example, it is possible to have an adequate supply that is not readily accessible by the public; goods stored in a warehouse on the west coast have little relative value to someone buying goods in an east coast department store unless the goods are previously sold and shipped to the location where it is available for consumer purchase.

Marketing Analysis

Marketing analysis is the manner in which an executive examines the effectiveness of a current marketing system, or anticipates potential requirements for a future system related to a proposed project or business. By examining the proposal and comparing it to known, pre-existing operations (known commonly as the “competition”) the author can prepare a quality procedure list and refine his business plan significantly.

A story is told of a man who decided to enter the farming industry. He acquired the land, the equipment to operate the farm, and set out to grow his first cash crop. The season went well with weather elements favoring a fine harvest. The new farmer contracted with a produce wholesaler to accept his crop when it was harvested and the farmer secured extra help with the harvest in preparation. The day came when the crop was ready to harvest and deliver to the wholesaler, but the farmer realized he had forgotten a vital element. He had thought the wholesaler would send vehicles for the crop, but alas, the wholesaler’s contract required him to do the delivery. At the last minute, and at great expense, trucks were secured the next day – an expense that could have been significantly reduced had he done a proper analysis of the operation’s marketing requirements.

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