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Sales Analysis – Know Your Customer

Companies today attempt to target their marketing efforts towards the customers who are the most valuable to them. This requires high levels of market research and sales analysis. Sales analysis is, at its core, determining who your best customers are, which products they are buying, and how to maintain an on-going relationship with them. It is important to include mention of the techniques that are intended for this in any business plan.

On-Going Analysis

Smart companies do not stop there, however. Periodic sales analysis and charting of the current and past results can show significant shifts in customer buying habits, either in favor of or against the company’s product lines. Knowing these trends can help companies forecast future trends in sales and take action to either adjust their marketing and advertising to boost sales or to turn to new products that will replace the lagging sales.

Having reasonably accurate sales projections heavily affects business budgeting practices. Knowing that the company is projected to have a sales lag of ten percent over the next year can affect staffing decisions, funds available for research and development, and even whether the company will pay dividends the following year.

Preparing the Analysis Report

A sales analysis report will bring important trends into the personal knowledge of senior staff. The analysis author is there to present this information and to offer explanation of the trend, then to recommend possible courses of action.

It is important, therefore, that the author possesses and understands the most recent data available, as well as possesses the writing skill necessary to adequately communicate that understanding to others.

How We Can Help

Many of our writers hail from business backgrounds where they were intimately involved in the analysis of sales and other business data, creating important reports that influenced the decisions of many corporate executives. They are highly skilled in detecting and interpreting the presence of major trends and in communicating the facts through their writing.

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