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The Structural Review of Books

Many people confuse book reviews and book reports. The main difference between book reports and reviews is their focus. Book reports focus on the story or content of the book itself. A book review critiques the quality, meaning and significance of the book.

It is a type of reaction paper which analysis the strengths and weaknesses of the materials.

A book review should also include information on what the author has attempted to do, the effectiveness of his effort and what evidence from the book supports this analysis. Being a reaction paper, book reviews are the personal opinions of the reviewer.

The Review Procedure

Most book reviews follow a general formulae, including or excluding various sections, depending on the type and topic involved:

  • Essential information about the book, including title, author, first copyright, type of book, general topic, special features, price and the book’s ISBN.
  • The author’s purpose in writing the book, the theme of the book and the thesis of the book.
  • An analysis of the method the thesis is developed by the author.
  • An analysis of the aesthetic and accuracy of the book.
  • Any information on the reputation, qualifications, influences and biography of the author that might be relevant to his or her qualifications to write the book.
  • Physical information on the book’s layout, structure, etc. if the details are relevant.
  • Content and sufficiency of the back matter, citations and index.
  • Brief summarization, analysis and comment on the content of the book Note, the summarization is at the end of the format and is typically only a paragraph or two.

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