20 Sep 2008

Social Issue Papers

Social Issue papers focus on detrimental problems that currently plague society. As American corporations continue to down spiral, the world economy will sequentially destabilize. The global economy hasn’t witnessed a trend like this since the Stock Market Crash of 1929. With the U.S. Presidential Election looming near, issues remain at the forefront. Politicians use issues as a way to attract support for their platform and build interest in their party. Most of the time, politicians communicate on issues, which contradicts their beliefs. Sometimes they lose track of their past responses, which fuels media criticism. Issue papers are critical in helping a student understand what issues actually affect society and the issues that manipulate the general public to win support. How can student challenge current problems with issue papers?

Students need to brush up on issues that are most important to the mass. Healthcare, economy, energy & environmental concerns, education policy, the Iraq War, outsourcing and globalization head the list of issues that need immediate resolution. In the last few days, the government resumed control of AIG after they rescued the sinking insurance corporation, which needed whopping a $85 billion infusion to stay afloat. AIG’s liquid assets went soft after bad mortgage loans collapsed its business infrastructure. When this occurred, the federal government resumed an 80% stake in AIG. Bank and investment failures are in response to faulty loans given to consumers that either couldn’t afford a variable rate change in their mortgage loans or were affected by the slumping economy. Social Issue papers put this information front and center. Students have the opportunity to voice their concerns and fully understand the problems in hand. Usually voting depends on a reliable platform, but in this day and age, people seem to overlook issues for popularity.

Issue papers are resourceful for analyzing the extent of a problem in relation to the issue. Change has always been a problem. Implementing energy changes will improve air standards and limit our dependence on foreign oil consumption. Will implementing a new energy plan solve the current problems that the public faces with skyrocketing gas prices? Politicians avoid solving the current fuel issues and divert the problem with future energy plans. People must know that gasoline price increases are paid for tenfold. When you visit the store, you’re paying more for produce, goods and products. Since grocery stores are being charged more for transportation, they’re forced to recoup their money by raising the prices of the products. Restaurants have also raised their prices using the same formula. In addition to gas prices, airlines have recently charged passengers for checked-in luggage. What was customary in the past is no longer a standard. With the gas prices destabilizing, airlines continue to charge passengers to check-in luggage. Social issue papers react to the greed that airlines and other companies display in a time of desperation.

Issue papers challenge the deception in the government, companies and businesses. There are thousands of issues that programs, people and businesses face on a daily basis. Policymakers vote in annual cloakroom politics forums to decide on what issues they want to pursue or which ones they plan to can. Programs that once enjoyed feasible funding are now denied their usual support. In the late 90’s, the impeachment of President Clinton was considered and approved on the annual cloakroom issue list. Issue papers don’t have to focus entirely on governmental policy, but writing about politics is an interesting subject matter to decipher. Issues such as abortion, crime, gun control, illegal immigration, discrimination and other problematic affairs affect society in many elusive ways. Issue papers increase awareness about the internal functions of organizational culture.

Understanding the issues that society faces is the first step in writing issue papers. Once that process is taken into effect, the next step is to prepare an annotated bibliography or reference list – depending on the citing format. This list incorporates sources into the body of your issue papers. In order to devise an efficient introduction, students must create an outline. Although outlines cover the main points and details in an entire paper, it helps to expand the introduction into a precise plan. Argumentative or supportive structure papers target the same concentration as issue papers. The body of issue papers branch off from the introduction and delve deep into the internal nature of an issue, which writers use as an exploration tool in conveying an honest response to substantial issues.

Issue papers are known for their criticism. One can criticize any issue they desire in issue papers, but doing so requires resourceful facts. Criticism combined with substance holds more weight than unadvised theories. Complaining about an issue, but offering no solution fails to resolve the reason for its occurrence. Writing service companies know the power of issue papers and work endlessly to incorporate critical content into proving how issues influence society. Issue papers can cover infinite possibilities. Issues continue to dominate television sets, decorate covers of newspapers and magazines and infuse radios. There is no way to escape issues, which affects us all. Students live in a very special time and should take advantage of issue papers to express and respond to issues that challenge our nation as a whole.

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